Barcol Impressor / Barcol Hardness Tester


Model SRBH934-1 Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester



Testing Range: 0 - 100 HBa (equivalent to 25 - 145 HBW)

Resolution: 0.5 HBa

Indication Error: ±2 HBa (42 ~ 48 HBa)

±1 HBa (81 ~ 88 HBa)

Repeatability Error: ±2 HBa (42 ~ 48 HBa)

±1 HBa (81 ~ 88 HBa)

Weight: 0.5 kg



1. Easy to Use: Single hand operation; easy to use high efficiency able to make test at any site.

2. High Sensitivity: Barcol Impressor has 100 graduations. Its sensitivity is much higher than the Webster hardness tester.

3. Wide Testing Range: Used to test from very soft pure aluminum to very hard aluminum alloys.

4. Less Thickness Requirement: It can test on any workpieces with thickness greater than 0.8 mm.

5. No Supporting Required: It can test from only one side of the workpiece. It is unnecessary to move or support the workpiece. It is used to test very large and thick worpieces and assembly parts.

6. Easy Conversion: The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW easily through the conversion table.

7. High Quality Indenter: The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW easily through the conversion table. The indenter has very high hardness, long service life and good interchangeability.



Tester, 2 Spare indenters, Standard hardness block (high)

Standard hardness block (low), Calibration wrench, Leg, Carrying case


Spare indenters, Standard hardness block (high / low), Dial glass, Flat leg


SRBH934-1 Barcol Impressor is mainly applied to test aluminum and aluminum alloys.

It is suitable to test pure aluminum, aluminum alloys, thick pieces of aluminum sheets, thick pieces, bars and assembled aluminum alloys parts (e.g. aluminum alloy doors, windows and ladders)

SRBH934-1 Barcol Impressor is also used to test fiber reinforced plastics and hard plastics.

SRBH934-1 Barcol Impressor complies with ASTM B648-00 Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Aluminum Alloys by Means of a Barcol Impressor.


Model SRHM-934-1+ Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester

It is mainly used in aluminum processing industry. Also, it can be used for glass steel industry.


* A digital indentation hardness tester, is the latest design and development of our company.
* It is characterized in that provided with a balance positioning, a digital display of hardness value, and a non disassembly calibration and adjusting.
* It is with good stability, convenient calibration, and high accuracy of detection.
* Small in size, portable. Single hand operation, easy to use. Can be used in any occasion as long as the hand can reach.
* Wide test range, can test from very soft pure aluminum to a particularly hard aluminum alloy. effective test range equivalent to the Brinell Hardness of 25~150HB.
* No need to support. The hardness tester is only tested on one side of the sample without support.
* Can be used for measuring not only Barcol Hardness, but also Brinell Hardness (HB), Vickers Hardness (HV), Webster Hardness (HW), Rockwell Hardness (HRB/HRE/HRF/HRH).
* With the maximum hold function, hold the maximum hardness value during measurement.
* With the function of calculating the average value, and the average value of the 29 sets of data are calculated at most.
* Provide Bluetooth data output choice.



0~100Hba, Amount to 25~150HBW



Indication Error



Repeatability Error



Brinell Hardness

Vickers Hardness

Wenster Hardness

Rockwell hardness

Maximum Hold

Average Calculation

Operating Condition

Temperature: 0~50ºC   Humidity: <80%RH

Power Supply

2x1.5V AAA(UM-4) Battery




390g (Not Including Batteries)


Main Unit


2 Pins

2 Standard Blocks

Pin Length Calibration Block

Screw Driver


Carrying Case

Operation Manual


Bluetooth Data Adapter with Software

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