Falling Number Machine


SR-FN, SR-FN(II) Falling Number Machine



Falling Number Meter is the special instrument which is testing the amylase activity in grains and can accurately judge grain¡¯s germination damage degree. It is suitable for testing grain, wheat etc. and it is the necessary instrument in the areas of grain storage, flour processing and food processing. This instrument is testing ¦Á¡ªamylase activity index in grains based on Berhagger¡¯s sedimentation value method.

Technical parameters:

1. Water bath apparatus: consists of heating unit, cooling system and water level indicator.
2. Electric timer: digital and precision time control
3. Test results: automatically calculated by SCM, printed out by printer (only for SR-FN(II)), and data saved in PC by connecting a PC via RS232.
4. Mix stick¡¯s weight: 25¡À0.05g
5. Water bath barrel preheated pipe: 600W
6. Viscosity tube: made by special glass.
a) Inside diameter 21¡À0.02mm
b) Outer diameter 23.8¡À0.25mm
c) inside high 220¡À0.3mm
7. Repeat: Difference of the two test results does not over 10%
8. Size: 420¡Á340¡Á350mm
9. Weight: 25kg
10. Power resource: AC 220V¡À10% 50Hz


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