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CO2 Monitor/Controller


(CO2 Monitor/Controller) F2000ASC-CO2 Split Control Unit


Model: F2000ASC-CO2      detailed data download


Features of Controller (F2000ASC-CO2)
-Network function with RS-485 communication interface, 15KV anti-static protection. It's used with the sensor box (F2000TSM-CO2-S301-N) together
-Real time monitor and control CO2+temperature+humidity with LCD display
-Preset CO2 level, humidity and temperature , also lock the operation buttons by end users.
-Specially provide the altitude calibration
-Provide 3 x relay on/off outputs to control CO2 level and humidity and temperature (F2000ASC-CO2-5003). 
-Provide 3 x analog outputs (0~10VDC) wide range linearization outputs to correspond with carbon dioxide and humidity and temperature measurements (F2000ASC-CO2-5030)
-PC/ABS flame retardant housing   
Features of Sensor Box (F2000TSM-CO2-S301-N)
-Integrate CO2, humidity and temperature sensors in a box. Non-Dispersive Infrared  Detector (NDIR) CO2 sensor, which can ensure CO2 detection and control more precision with 15 years long lifetime
-ABC Logic Self-calibration available for  almost all application places.
-Detection and control CO2 range selectable: 0~20000ppm or 0~50000ppm
-Humidity range: 5~99%RH; temperature range: 0~50ºC
-Provide altitude calibration function to end users
-RS-485 network communication interface with 15KV anti-static protection makes it connecting with the F2000ASC- CO2-5003 controller together.
-PC/ABS flame retardant housing  
-Greenhouses, seed cultivate and other relative agriculture establishments
-Food refresh and storage
-Other places where need remote detection and control CO2 level, humidity and temperature

(CO2 Monitor/Controller) Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Controller


Model: F2000IAQ-CO2-30XX/50XX       detailed data download


-Multiple functions and high performance with low prices
-Wall mounting type and duct type selectable
-LCD display detecting both CO2 level and temperature, also relative humidity (optional)
-NDIR infrared CO2 module inside with special ABC-Logic Self Calibration System. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable in use.
-15 years lifetime of CO2 sensor
-Microprocessor control, quick response, high precision
-Providing up to three 0~10V analog output or up to three relay dry-contact outputs   
-The analog output with two alternatives: linearized over full range output or PID control output
-Different control mode for delays can be selected by user¨s application, for example for ventilation or for greenhouse or other applications.
-Locale adjustable range of CO2: 0~20,000ppm or 0~50,000; adjustable range of temperature: 5~45ºC; adjustable range of humidity: 5~95%RH 
-RS-485 communication interface optional, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting

(CO2 Monitor/Controller) CO2 Controller with a build-in pump


Model: F2000IAQ-CO2-30XX/50XX-SP      detailed data download


-CO2 integrative controller for carbon dioxide, with a build-in indraft pump and outputs option.
-Advance microprocessor control, response quickly, NDIR flow-in Infrared sensor in order to guarantee CO2 detection more precision.  
-Long lifetime: 15 years for sensor, large application in order to reduce cost of operation
-Adopt Germany gas pump of non-gasoline minimize diaphragm link, which lifetime is more than 1000 hours. The old pump is replaceable by a new one easyly.
-Real time detects and displays the following items by LCD: CO2 concentration and condition of gas pump switch, etc. 
-Adjustable flow value set up for indraft pump, if it would low flow, which would expand indraft pump lifetime. 
-Programmed control for indraft pump switch self-circulation and collect gas in certain time, which can be use in different field.  
-CO2 detection and control range: 0~20000ppm, 0~(1000~20000)ppm programmable set-up, 0~50000ppm can be customized.
-Output: 0, 1~5VDC or 0, 2~10VDC or 0, 4~20mA analog output and dry contact relay output of adjustable set point.
-RS-485 communication interface, 15KV antistatic protection, independent address set-up.
-PC/ABS flame retardant housing
-Power supply: 24VAC/24VDC\20%

(CO2 Monitor/Controller) Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Alarm


Model: G01-CO2-B3 Series      detailed data download


-Design for real time monitoring room carbon dioxide level
-NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration System. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable in use.
-More than 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor
-Temperature and humidity monitoring
-Three-color (green/yellow/red) LCD backlit indicating ventilation optimal/moderate/poor based on the CO2 measurement
-Two alarm ways: buzzer alarm and backlight
colours switch
-Provide optional 1xrelay output to control a ventilator
-Easy touch button for operation
-Optional RSC485 communication interface, 15 KV antistatic protection, individual IP address
-High quality technics and elegant appearance,  best choice for home and office
-220VAC or 24VAC/VDC power selectable; power adaptor available; desktop and wall mounting type available
-EU standard and CE-approval

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