Ozone Monitor/Controller

Ozone Detector/Indicator


Ozone Monitor/Controller


(Ozone Monitor/Controller) Ozone + Temperature Monitor and Alarm


Model: G09-O3-B Series      detailed data download


-Real time monitoring ambiance ozone level
-Preset two stages alarm points for ozone measurement
-LCD display with three color backlight
-Provide up to 1x analog output and 2xrelay outputs
-RS485 communication Interface to connect with DDC or PC
-High performance, low price

-Design for real time monitoring ambiance ozone level and temperature
-Gentlest shape and convenient installation structure
-Trusty quality with lower prices
-Particular LCD display with three color (Green/Yellow/Red) backlights
-Electrochemical ozone sensor with 0~5ppm (0~5mg/m3), high sensitivity
-Two stages alarm preset
-Two alarm ways: buzzer alarm and backlight colours switch
-Provide up to 2 relay dry contact outputs to control ozone generator or ventilator
-Humidity measurement and display optional
-RS485 communication interface, 15 KV antistatic protection, individual IP address
-Provide two easy methods for calibration and setup alarm points by end users: infrared remote controller and a software via RS485
-Easy touch button for operation
-Multiple models with higher quality and lower prices

(Ozone Monitor/Controller) Ozone Monitor/ Controller


Model: F2000IAQ-O3     detailed data download


-Real time detecting environment ozone gas
-Temperature & Humidity detection
-Wall mount with LCD display
-Provide one on/off dry contact relay output to control an ozone generator or a fan
-Provide an analog output with a linear over full range output
-Provide RS485 interface to PC or other DDC
-Strong function, high performance, low price

-Real time detect ambiance ozone gas level
-Detect temperature and humidity at the same time
-Wall mounted with LCD display
-LCD can display ozone, temperature and humidity, also controlled device status etc.
-Ozone measured range:10ppb~1000ppb; Temperature range: 5~45ºC; relative humidity range: 5~95%RH
-Japanese semiconductor sensor inside, high sensitivity to ozone gas
-Provide 1X relay dry-contact output for an ozone generator or a fan optional
-1Xanalog output (0~10VCD/0~5VDC) to correspond with ozone level optional
-RS-485 communication interface, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting

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