Mosquito Repeller Electro-magnetic Cockroach Expeller
Ultrasonic Mouse Chaser Fly Killer & Mouse killer
Musical Door Bell (w/ Mouse Chaser, Mosquito Repeller) Electro-magnetic & Ultrasonic Bug Expeller
Consumer Electronic Homesafe Security Alarms


Consumer Electronic


SR385-A 5 In 1 colorful Wireless Alarm Key finder

Our remote key finder can help you to find easily lost items quickly. With just one press on the button, the
alarm sound will lead you to find the lost items.
1.Four kinds colorsof transmitter for you choose.(white,black,multi-color and white- black mixed.)
2.Smart design offers certain adornment effect.
3.Works through walls and floors.
4.Can hang and can also stick.
5.Big buttons and easy operation, makes it specially suited to older people.
6.One transmitter, Five receivers correlated with the five big buttons on the transmitter.
7.Suitable for personal use, family use, gift and promotional purposes, etc.
8.New electronics arrivals and electronic gift items.

-Press the buttons on transmitter to find lost things
-The transmitter can be stick on the wall.
-Key chains(receiver) can be wear with the things you want to find.
-5 buttons to find 5 different things.
-The LED lights will show a red light when the signal is sending out.
-Lovely size, High quality.


SR102A Wireless Remote control Door Window Vibration Sensor Alarm

1. High Strength signal and sensitivity,
2. Easy install and operate
3. Vibrating alarm built-in micro vibration sensors to monitor the vehicle for safe
4. places such as doors and windows, remote control arm and disarm,
5. convenient and practical, sound loud and clear, back, magnetic disk can be
6. directly sucked in the metal objects
7. Portable remote control with key rings for long distance operating
8. Powered by 1 X GF22 battery

1) Alarm Model: Full Micro-Vibration is triggered
2) Control Mode: Remote control fabric disarm
3) Alarm Volume: <= 120dB
4) Remote distance: <= 20 m open to
5) Alarm time: 40S
6) Operating voltage: DC 90V, using a GF22 battery
7) Size: 90 x 55 x 22mm
8) Weight: About 40g


SR989 PIR MP.Alert GSM alarm infrared motion sensor detect alert

1) Automatically start the alarm When human body is near.
2) Best sensitivity in the range of 4-5 meters.
3) Put or paste it in a certain height, away from the body within 5 meters (within the angular range 120 < left and right).
4) The alarm is clear and can be heard within 15 meters.

How to Start Using
1) Turning on: Open the deck lid, insert the SIM card according to the instructions to auto boot.
2) Number binding: After 15 seconds calling from mobile phone and other communication tools, It will connect automatically.
3) When you hear voice call, the binding succeeds.
4) If human body is moving back and forth of the sensor, the product will call the binding number.


SR98A8 Mini GPS Tracker for the elderly kids
This product applies the newest technology in Taiwan and has following advantages: small size, long stand-by life, simple operation, stable functions and convenient installation. It is widely used for household monitoring; children, the elder, and pets' care and the trace for lost cars or other possessions.





RG+ mobile number

Check  Location


Open Voice callback


Close Voice callback


Emergency Alarm



SQ+ mobile number

Cancel Authorization 


Operating frequency



SR007X PIR MMS Alarm with camera




CMOS Sensor


1.3 Mega pixel

Expansion Card

Micro T-Flash card(card is not included)


GSM850/900/1800/1900 network and GPRS

Operation Instructions

Binding Number

SZ# phone NO. #

Taking Picture


Record ON/OFF


Audio ON/OFF




Check Phone


Delete Phone


OFF/ON Motion Sensor


OFF/ON Phone Alarm



Power Charge Interface

Mirco USB

Stand-by Time


3~5 days


12~15 days

Human Body Induction Scope

10 meters

Monitoring Scope

100 square meters





Infrared sensor alarm. When people get close to the alarm, it will send SMS for taking phone (need phone GPRS function), or record in the built-in micro SD card.
2.Insert SIM card into the device for controlling.
3.Enhanced home PIR sensor alarm & high quality.
4.Paste the alarm in a certain height, away from the body max ten meters ,the angular range 120 degree. long as people or animal, swaying back and forth in a very short time, it will automatically start the alarm.
6.You can turn on or turn off its sensing function by sending message to its SIM card number:
7.Send a SMS of content "W" to the SIM numbers ,then you will receive a http link and open it can show a GPS Map.
8.The function of Video recording and Sound recording.
9.Simple operation, stable performance and easy installation.
10.Low power consumption, long standby time and accurate alarming.
Suitable for use in home, children's bedroom, office, hospital, car, storage, etc.


SR8009 Siren Alarm Lock

Combines locking function with alarming function.
Built-in movement triggered alarm, which can emit loud sound when the lock is hit or shaken.
Adopts MCU core procedures, high-tech integrated circuit and digital sensor chip.
Can be set to two states: mechanical lock and alarm.
Low false alarm rate.
Low power consumption alarm lock.
Can be used on door, window, bicycle, container, motor bike, tricycle, pull gate, garden, etc.
Corrosion resistant, waterproof and durable to use.
Powered by six button batteries.
Supplied with three keys, convenient to use.

Note: When you place the shackle with groove into lock near key port,then the lock comes into alarming state.
When the shackle with groove is placed away from key port, the lock is just in the mechanical lock state.

Color: Black/silver/brass
Material: zinc alloy
Alarm decibel: 110dB
Power supplied by: 6 * AG13 button batteries


SR8009X Pet Camera

Invite you to experience a new product development and design company, pet camera. Eyes from your pet to see the world. The camera has a built-in power supply (lithium-ion battery), you can record sound and video, or thousands of photos. Let your pet from your point of view it's full of adventure. Every pet owner may often curious about their pets gone done. With this camera, pet owners can observe a consistent line of kids. Their leisurely life at a glance. For those who want to know everything about pet behavior, this is an essential equipment.



1. Video resolution :640 〜 480,30 frames / sec, 16bit PCM audio, AVI file format.
2. Camera: resolution 1280〜1024, JPEG file format.
3. Transmission Interface: USB 2.0 interface.


Model: SR318  Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
Sterilization toothbrushes or dental tools.
Sterilization time: 8minutes.
Prevention against any contamination.
Using anti-bacteria and deodorization material, two color cabinet designs.
Perfect sterilization and storage for toothbrush, can carry your personal toothbrush.
Using 2 AAA batteries last over 2 months

Product Size: 210(L)〜50(W)〜25(H)mm
Materials: ABS
Product net weight: about 100g


Packed in white box
112pcs per carton.
Carton measure: 45x44.7x28.2cm
N.W.: 14.80kgs;
G.W.: 16.00kgs


Model: SR328 UV toothbrush sanitizer

Sanitize double toothbrushes at same time;
Can hold/sanitize power head too;
Changeable inner hanging structure, can hold/sanitize shaver;
Wall mounting, or just place on the table;
Small size: 80x56x24mm, easy for carry in traveling.

CARTON SIZE: 47 X 24 X 44 <144PCS/CTN>
N.W.: 11.5KG/CTN
G.W.: 13.5KG/CTN


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