Oil Flow Meter/Oil control valve

SRFL801 Digital Oval Gear Oil Flow Meter

This product is composed of three parts: the grease gun, flow meter and the pipeline. It can measure low, medium and high viscosity oils precisely.


1. The power consumption is extremely low, it will become power down mode if does not work. The standby time is 10 years.

Even in normal circumstances the lifetime of batteries can be 5-year, about 800,000 liters.
2.It has a fixed memory to save the overall to refuel the data, it can preserve the total amount and primary parameters even if the power interrupts completely long time.

Technical parameters:
Four kinds of measurement: the rise of /L, the /GAL /Qts gallons, quarts, a pint of /Pts
Scope: diesel oil, diesel engine, left factory according to table debugging.
Flow range: 5-30L/min measurement

Accuracy: +0.5%

Diameter: straight thread 1/2" or 3/4"
Repetitive: 0.2%

Medium viscosity: 10~5000 mPas

Maximum working pressure: 0.6Mpa

Working temperature: -5~60C
Dormancy: no operation, automatic stop after 60 seconds, automatically open any key.

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