COF Tester/ Coefficient of Friction Tester

SRY05 COF Tester/ Coefficient of Friction Tester

Friction coefficient tester is mainly used for test the friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet. It accords with the standard GB10006-88 and ISO8295.

Working Principle:

As pictured above, cut out two pieces of samples, put one on the test table and hold it by the clamp. Use the other one to cover the slider and hanging the slider thread onto sensor. After the Relative movement between the slider and test-bed the instrument will work out the static friction coefficient and the coefficient of kinetic friction.

Main technical characteristics

Parameters of the project


Measure range






Sample thickness

0.2 mm

Sliding piece size

63*63 mm

Slider mass

200g +/-2g

Test table size

170*336 mm

Test speed

100 +/-10mm/min

Move distance

0-150mm (adjustable)

Instrument size

About 500*335*220 mm

Instrument weight

About 20kg

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