Humidity Monitor/Controller

Smart Mould Proof Hygrostat


Smart Mould Proof Hygrostat



(Smart Mould Proof Hygrostat) Smart Hygrostat with Mould-Proof
Model: F2000LB-Hygropro
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-Especial Digital Hygrostat
Detect and LCD display room RH% and temp, 1 on/off output to control a dehumidifier. Especially designed for mould-proof humidity control.

-Smart Control with Two Modes Selectable
Mode A: Mould-proof auto humidity control.
As you can see from the following diagram which indicates the relationship between a certain RH and the days before growth of mould at a certain temperature degree. The smart hygrostat is designed following the below figure to make the days before growth of mould up to be 32 days. If you choose to use Mode A, the smart hygrostat will supply 1x on/off output automatically to the dehumidifier to maintain comfortable air quality with the right humidity level.

Mode B: Manual humidity level setting
If you don't want to use auto humidity control (model A) but to set humidity level by yourself, then just press switch button to select model B and then set your desired humidity level.

-Wall Mounting Type and Plug-and-Play Type
Selectable with a Large Outlet Load
Besides the traditional wall mounting type, convenient plug-and-play type enables direct control the dehumidifier. The outlet current of both types are designed up to 8Amp and to control a dehumidifier with its power as high as 1000w.

-LCD display
LCD displays environment temperature, humidity, humidity set-point, and working status of the controlled dehumidifier, etc.

-Setup Keeping On
All setup can be kept on when power failure.

Lock function can lock all buttons except power to avoid mistaken operation.

-LCD Blue backlight (option)

-Remote control (option)
Control the smart hygrostat within 8 meters with an handheld remote control.

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