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Electrode Series A



PH Combined Electrode with Glass Body

Note: Difference between the two models is the reference cell electrolyte. 65-IP is with solution form and can be refilled. 65-IIP is in gel form which last life time, not need to refill.




Measuring Range

0 - 14 pH

Temperature Range

0 - 60 <C

Zero point value

7 +/- 1 pH



Reference Cell

Ag/Agcl, KCL solution refillable

Ag/Agcl, KCL gel


dia.12 x length 140 mm


BNC + 1 m cable

Remark: Model 201T-M is the same with Model 201B-F. The difference: Model 201T-M is BNC+RCA, temperature sensor is 30K; Model 201B-F temperature sensor is PT100.

SR211 Glass pH Electrode

Range: 0~14pH

Material: Lead-free glass

Junction: ceramic

Reference electrode: long-life reference system

Electrolyte: 3M KCl

Dimension: dia. 12mm * 120mm

Glass membrane shape: hemispheric

Connector: BNC/ 1m wire

Characteristics and application: Traditional laboratory electrode with BNC connector.

Normal use, used for scientific research and quality control.

Model SR500 Temperature Electrode

Used in conjunction with a variety of measuring electrode

Material: Stainless Steel

Temperature Range: -10~110<C

Dimension: Dia5*145mm

Connector: Customized

Temperature element: Pt100, Pt1000 or thermister



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