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TES-135A Color Meter

  • Check the color difference between two samples. Can check all kinds colors if the color surface is not reflective. It is not suitable for testing surface color of vegetable and fruits, because their surface is reflective.
  • Color difference displayed
    (E*ab,C*ab, H*ab)
    (Y, x, y)
    (X, Y, Z) or
    (Rs, Gs, Bs)
  • Color space displayed
    (L*, a*, b*)
    (L*, C*ab, hab)
    (Y, x, y)
    (X, Y, Z) or
    (Rs, Gs, Bs)
  • Maximum, Minimum and Average function.
  • Tolerance function.
  • Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function.
  • USB interface.
Display Triple 4 digit LCD display
Illuminating /
Viewing geometry
45 / 0 C 1 illumination at 45, measurement at 0
Measuring area Approx. 10mm
Display modes Color difference
(L*,a*,b*), (E*ab,C*ab, H*ab),(Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z) or (Rs, Gs, Bs)
Color space
(L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab), (Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z) or (Rs, Gs, Bs).
Target color memory 8 channel ; set by measurement or keypad
Measuring range L* : 10 to 100
Measurement conditions Observe : CIE 2 Standard Observer.
Illuminant : White LED lamp.
Repeatability Standard deviation within E*ab 0.5
(Measurement conditions : Average of measurements of standard white plate).
Minimum interval
between measurements
Approx. 2 seconds
Auto data Memory
& Read
99 sets
Auto power off Approx. 3 minutes
Power source One 9V battery or optional DC 9V AC adapter input
Battery life Approx. 500 measurements at 10 C sec intervals
Operating temperature/
humidity range
0C to 40C (32F to 104F) ; less than 85% relative humidity
Storage temperature/
humidity range
-10C to 40C (14F to 104F) ; less than 70% relative humidity
Dimensions 172mm 118mm 46mm
Weight Approx. 220g
Accessories Instruction manual, Battery, USB cable, software CD.

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