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TES-1380 PH / ORP / Temperature Meter
  • Fast and Easy pH measurement
  • Dual LCD display shows PH/ˇăC& ºF or mV/ ˇăC&ºF simultaneously
  • Logging 99 readings
Electrical SpecificationsŁş( 23 +/- 5ˇăC& 45%RH - 75%RH )
-2 to 16pH
+/- 0.002pH
0 to 2000mV
+/- 0.2mV
Temp. (ˇăC )
0 to 100 ˇăC
0.1 ˇăC
0.5 ˇăC
Temp. (ºF )
32 to 212ºF
0.1 ºF
0.9 ºF
General Specification
Circuit Custom one-chip of microprocessor circuit.
Display Super large LCD display 76.5mm*50.5mm*2.7mm
Measurement pH : -2 to 16 pH
mV : 0 to 2000mV
Temperature : 0 to 100ˇăC , 32 to 212 ºF
Input Impedance ¨P 1012 ohms
Temperature Compensation
For pH Range
Manual : 0 to 100 ˇăC, adjusting by push button on front panel.
Automatic : With the optional TEMP probe, 0 to 100 ˇăC
Calibration For pH Range Built in SLOPE (pH 4) & CAL. (pH 7)
Data Hold To auto hold the reading values on display.
Memory Recall Single record 99 point, Continuity record 99 point
MAX 4500 data
Power off Auto shut off 10 minutes saves battery life, or manual
off by push button.
Over Input Indication Indication of "-- -- -- -- "
PH Electrode Any combination pH electrode with BNC connector.
Operating Temperature 0 ˇăC to 50 ˇăC ( 32ºF to 122 ºF )
Operating Humidity Max. 80% RH
Sampling Time Approx. 1.5 second
Power Supply S-006P 9V 6F22 battery (Heavy duty type)
Battery Life 50 hours ( approx. )
Accessories Carrying case, Instruction manual, Battery
Optional Accessories pH electrode, Temperature probe, PH Standard
Buffer Solution.


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