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Meters and Instruments

Here you will find the most unique selection of high quality test meters, instruments brought to you by us at the most competitive prices!

Please on the old customer's browse, list or category that best represents the type of multimeter, industrial meter, electronic tester or other instruments you are looking for.

We are direct from factory sales of meters and instruments company located at Shanghai China, please e-mail to: (cc to: or call +86-13916381759 / +86-21-37693864 for wholesale price.

You will find meters & services you need here in ShowRange test world!

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A, press Ctrl+F key, write product name you are looking for, click next (find next).

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Automotive Diagnostic Meters & Testers

Automotive diagnostic meters & testers

Beauty Instrument

wood lamp skin analyzer

Electronic Instrument

bench top multimeter

DC power supply

ESD Simulator

frequency counter

function generator


spectrum analyzer

Meter and instrument

acid-alkali meter

alcohol tester


angle meter (angle level, digital level, laser level, digital protractor, inclinometer)

aquarium tester & equipment

automatic level

barcode scanner

barcol hardness tester

battery tester (digital)

BBQ thermometer and tools

Blood Pressure Monitor

belt tension tester

body fat caliper (digital)

brinell hardness tester

brinell rockwell hardness tester

cable antenna analyzer

cable tracker (wire tracker) 

CCTV tester (CCTV multimeter)

clean bench/laminar flow cabinet

coating thickness meter

cobb absorption tester

coefficient of friction tester

colorimeter (color difference meter, color spectrophotometer)

compass, altimeter

cross cut tester, cross cut adhesion tester

crane scale

data logger  (temperature, humidity, sound level, voltage, current)


dew point meter

dissolved hydrogen meter

dissolved oxygen meter

distance meter / range finder (ultrasonic and laser)

drying oven

electronic balance

electrophoresis power supply

electro smog meter/EMF meter (Field Intensity Meter)

EP timer

ethernet tester

falling number machine

fiber identifier

fiber microscope

fiber optic equipment   (Fusion Splicer, OTDR)

fish finder

force gauge & measurement (force gauge, ele test stand, manual test stand, shore durometer, torque meter, tension gauge, fruit penetrometer)

fuel pressure meter

gas alarm

gas chromatograph 

gas detector (refrigerant leak detector) 

gas sensor

gas valve

gauss meter (tesla meter)

gem / gemological instrument

glass thickness meter

gloss meter

grain hardness meter

ground/earth/surface resistance tester

halogen leak detector (halogen refrigerant detector)

handheld digital storage oscilloscope

heating mantle

heavy metal analyzer

holiday tester

hot-air sterilizer

humidity meter, psychrometer

HVAC, VOC, IAQ control and monitor

indoor air quality monitor

carbon dioxide


VOC's mix gas

carbon monoxide

digital thermostat


HVAC, VOC, IAQ control and monitor

infrared power meter

infrared thermometer (industrial, home/mini/body/ear/animal/pet)

infrared thermal imager/camera 

insulation resistance tester / megohmmeter

intraoral scope (digital)

laser diameter measuring instrument

laser level (rotary laser level)

laser liner (cross line laser)

leeb hardness tester

lux meter/light meter (UV meter, UV flashlight, Screen Brightness Meter, chroma meter, illuminance spectrophotometer)

magnetic stirrer


map meter (digital)

measuring wheel

mechanic stethoscope

melting-point apparatus

metal conductivity tester/eddy current conductivity tester

metal/voltage detector, stud metal detector


microscope (USB digital)

moisture meter (multi-functional, wood, sawdust paper, grain, building, concrete, foam, contton, tobacco, coal and etc moisture)

multifunctional environment meter

optical fiber meter

optical loss tester

ORP meter

paper thickness gauge

pencil hardness tester

pen R/C meter

pest control home instrument (Mosquito Repeller, Cockroach Expeller, Mouse Chaser, Fly Killer, Bug Expeller, Home Safe Security Alarms)

phase rotation tester (voltage detector)

PH/EC/PPM/CF stick

PH meter, pH (/ORP/Cond/TDS/Salt /Temp) Combo, Soil PH Meter 

PH/ORP controller/monitor

PH, ORP electrode (DO, ion selective, conductivity)

plant stem strength tester

pocket microscope


pressure gague

process calibrator

portable digital storage oscilloscope

power cost monitor

RCD(ELCB) tester

radiation detector (nuclear, microwave) (geiger counter)


rockwell hardness tester

rotating evaporator

sample cutter

scale (fishing, hanging, pocket, electronic, jewelry)

screen tension meter 

shore hardness tester (shore durometer)

soil hardness meter

soil nutrient analyzer

soil tension meter/tensiometer

soil water potential locator

solar power meter

sound level meter (sound level data logger, sound level calibrator) 


stopwatch, stop watch


surface roughness tester

swimming pool water tester

tablet hardness tester

tachometer (Mechanic Stethoscope)

TDS, conductivity, EC, CF meter


temperature & humidity controller

temperature & humidity panel

temperature meter and thermometer (K type, food/pocket, hygrometer, weather station, aquarium)

test hammer

test paper / test strips


throttle potentiometer tester


tire pressure gauge (digital) (tyre gauge)

torque wrench (analog and digital)

total station, theodolite (surveying test accessories: prism, prism adaptor, tripod, prism pole)

transmission meter (optical density meter)

turbidity meter (turbidimeter)

ultrasonic cable height meter

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasonic Washer

ultrasonic flaw detector

ultrasonic flow meter

ultrasonic leak detector

ultrasonic thickness meter / thickness gauge 

UV indicator

vacuum cabinet/vacuum oven

vibration meter (vibration analyzer)

vickers hardness tester (micro vikers)

Video Inspection Borescope

viscometer (viscosity meter)

visual IR Thermometer (visual infrared hermometer)

water activity meter

water alarm clcok

water bath, oil bath

water distiller

water electrolyser 

water hardness tester

water leakage alarm/detector

water quality detector

webster hardness tester

weighing indicator

whiteness meter

window tint meter

Measure Tools

depth gauge

dial caliper

dial indicator

Digital and dial thickness gauge

electronic digital caliper

Inner diameter dial indicator

measuring tools kit


special caliper

vernier caliper


AC&DC clamp meter  (true RMS) 

AC&DC dual display clamp meter  (true RMS)

AC&DC power clamp meter  (true RMS)

AC clamp meter  (Page2 true RMS)

analog multimeter

capacitance meter

clamp leaker

ground/earth resistance clamp on meter

intelligent multimeter  (with RS232 or USB interface)

LCR multimeter  

multimeter  (SRT series, MY68T with true RMS)

special multimeter (leakage, insulation test, engine analyzer, mechanical protection meter)

transistor tester

voltmeter of internal battery resistance



We also distribute,  click logo!

water testing instrument (TDS/EC, pH, ORP)


Special notice: Ours are 100% TES original ones, we imported from Taiwan TES and sell all over the world.

There are some fake makers in Mainland China to copy TES, this is the reason why they selling at lower prices.

EMF Tester

Light meter

Solar Power Meter

Sound Level Meter


CO2 Tester

DC/AC current clamp Meter

Insulation Tester


3 Phase Power Analyzer


Battery Capacity Tester

Lan Cable Tester

Power Clamp Meter



temperature data logger

PH / ORP / Temperature Meter

Flexible AC Current Clamp

Color Meter

Humidity/Temperature Meter



Infrared thermometer


UV Meter

Ir thermo-anemometer


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